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AntiSpam Systems 

AntiSpam for Standard or Virtualized Projects

We offer you a wide range of products to filter spam in e-mail environments, regardless of its opearting system.

Proxmox Mail Gateway

Secure your email with the right product.
Proxmox Mail Gateway is the new-generation Anti-Spam and it offers a perimeter antivirus solution. The possibilities to run it in virtualized environments or dedicated hardware allow us to fit the service into any environment. Proxmox covers the full spectre of spam traffic, including virus detection.

Anti Spam

Enterprise-based anti-spam engine with over 30 different filter methods including OCR image recognition. The systems optimize the efficiency of the rules they run in order to minimize the number of false positives and negatives.

Anti Virus and Anti Phishing 

Double-layer Antivirus.
Integration of two high-performance multilayer antivirus engines: ClamAV and Avira Secure Antivirus..

Object-oriented rules system 

Powerful set of objectos to manage incoming and outgoing email traffic.

LDAP Integration 

Users and LDAP users for email traffic management.

Easy integration in your current environment.

Administration, reports and statistics 

Daily reports for the users with the self-management system.
Daily reports for the administrator on system status, workload, etc.

Syslog support.

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