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Welcome to the GalaxIP world 


GalaXip is the IP telephony solution developed by Electrotel Barcelona for your business. It’s an Asterisk-based free-code system that allows you to enjoy high telephone performance at a low cost.



How is GalaxIP different from other solutions in the market? 


For a few years now, some companies in the industy have been offering an Asterisk-based free-code solution featuring the figure of the server and trunk line and extension cards, all of them inserted inside the equipment.

The GalaXip server is a modular solution that breaks away from the traditional concept of the TDM or IP platform that requires service cards located inside it for telephone operation.
This offers the following advantages:



  1. The solution has no limited growth  due to a physical space with limited card space. GalaXip works with gateways that work independently from the main server.


  1. It is possible to include, inside one solution, in VPN,  both trunk lines and analogue extension from another branch with no need to install another server, all thanks to gateways.



  1. Capacity to survive for highly available solutions.  If one server A goes down, all the gateways from that branch register against another branch’s server B and the service is maintained. This is impossible with solutions with cards inside the servers.

In addition to these highlighted aspects as compared to our competition on Asterisk, GalaXip offers further advantages as an IP Telephony solutions:


  1. Survival Solution. GalaXip has its own high availability cluster. This cluster may be local (for one branch) or remote (for several branches), and it is duplex (it duplicates the system’s power supply unit and CPU).


  1. It joins all your branches. It’s one of the key advantages of IP telephony, all the users spread around all your company’s branches work as if they were in the same office and the application can be managed from one location.


  1. NO licences.  Just like all Asterisk solutions on the market, it breaks away from the tradition of paying for a licence for the service. This makes that Asterisk-based solutions approximately 40% cheaper than traditional brands.


  1. Unlimited growth.   With GalaXip your business can grow wherever there’s an Internet connection, it doesn’t hinder your capacity to grow.


  1. Softphone.  Have your voice application on your PC.


  1. Unified Messenger Service.  Have your all-in-one voice mail on the extension, automatic operator and fax server. With GalaXip you can receive a voice message at your extension, listen to it from your email, and also receive and send faxed from your PC. Don’t waste any more paper.


  1. DECT/IP mobility solutions.  Be always reachable within your company thanks to your DECT pocket terminal.


  1. Save with IP operators. Cut down your billing considerably working with IP voice operators integrated into the SIP Server (especially in international calls).


  1. Integration with applications.  Endless possibilities to integrate with other applications (CTI, ERP, CRM, IVR, Charging, Call Center, etc.).

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