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Unified Communications


Designed for small and medium enterprises, Avaya IP Office is a telephone system that offers numerous features to help the employees communicate more efficiently with their clients, suppliers and contacts.


Combining big-company features with the ease of use and simplified management required by SMEs, IP Office helps small businesses to use communications as a differentiator from the competition.

IP Office’s 3 levels


Essential Edition


Reduce costs and maintain basic telephone features. IP Office Essential Edition is the perfect access point for SMEs, as it features everything it should: call routing, caller ID, hold/conference/transference, voice mail, and a great number of Avaya terminals.

Preferred Edition


Have a messenger service 10 times more powerful (with respect to the Essential Edition) and manage tens of calls simultaneously. Equip your company with multi-level automatic call routing to make sure your clients contact the right person faster at any time. Ensure a conference bridge with upto 64 participants with a safety PIN access. Receive messages anywhere with automatic alerts.

Perfiles de usuario


Advanced Edition 


Increase productivity and efficiency in customer service. Customers have access to the information and services 24/7. Optional applications will grant
exceptional interaction with the customer for agents and supervisors. Capacity to control and report add further intelligence and measurements, increasing the agent’s productivity..

User Profiles

Power User


The users control the office’s communications through an IP terminal, a mobile phone or a laptop. The users receive all their messages (voice, email and fax) in only one inbox, and they’re automatically notified about important messages. Set up conferences and have incoming calls ring at the same time at the office and on the mobile phone..

Mobile Worker


Turn any mobile phone into an extension of your office phone (with call handling and speed dial). You won’t have to give private numbers anymore to be traced. When a customer calls, they’re dialling your office number, not the employee’s personal number.



Equip your teleworkers with the same terminal and features they would have at the office. The users connect their terminals to the company’s telephone system through a virtural private network.  And since everything is done through the IP Office system, you will save money and win efficacy.



Help the reception department handle high numbers of calls from their PC. Optimize call handling with features that can be clicked on/off. Their PC screen shows a list of incoming calls and their status. It integrates with most
common databases. Visualize all the office’s extensions. Hace a receptionist resource for multiple branches.

Call Center Users


Customer Service Supervisor


This visualizing and reporting application allows you to control and measure the productivity of the sales and the customer service teams.  Obtain reports that will help you manage your sales team, assess the profitability of your marketing campaigns, and see how your agents answer your clients’ calls.

Customer Service Agent


This web-based application provides information on the number of calls on hold, in progress or missed, as well as the number of logged-on and logged-off agents. If there are no calls on hold, the agent can devote more time to the call they’re answering, thus helping improve the customer’s satisfaction.

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