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Kirk Wireless Solutions   


Kirk’s wireless solution complies with the GAP regulation (generic access profile) and has been prepared under the DECT international standard (digital enhanced cordless telecommunications), thus offering dynamic channel assignment and selection for better security and reliability.


The modular nature of Kirk’s solution allows clients to easily increase phone coverage, voice traffic, and the number of users, which makes it the ideal solution for small, medium and large enterprises.

KIRK Wireless Server 6000


SIP server for large companies: the KIRK 6000 wireless server is a truly complete wireless business solution.
The perfect service transfer between base stations, the wide radio coverage, the messenger service on the terminal, the scalability and the use of applications are only some of the features of the KIRK 6000 wireless server:



  • It features a wireless server, KIRK multimedia resources, KIRK IP base stations, KIRK repeaters and KIRK terminals. 


  • The flexible licence choice allows you to pay extra users only when you need them:  pay, update and enjoy more mobile users.


  • Up to 256 KIRK IP base stations and 4096 users can subscribe to the KIRK 6000 wireless server,  thus increasing its scalability, which makes it the perfect choice for large companies and those growing rapidly.



Advantages of the KIRK Wireless Server 6000 system 

  1. No need for cables.
  2. IP as the only logic interface.
  3. All maintenance activities are conducted through the server.
  4. Linux-based central system.
  5. Compatible with the standard features of Asterisk SIP. 
  6. Wireless users, configuration and firmware.

KIRK Wireless Server 8000

A scalable, flexible, versatile system ideal both for small and medium enterprises (SME) and for large companies.


  • Features several interface cards: a CPU card, a 16-line analogue card, and a Kirk base station card that can connect up to 8 Kirk base stations.


  • Capacity of a CPU card and up to eight interface cards: up to eight servers can be linked to one another.


  • Thanks to combining Kirk base station cards and analogue cards, a customized wireless solution can be easily created to satisfy every client’s precise needs.


  • A flexible graphic user interface (GUI) management software provides a series of service features , such as email reports and analysis tools, which guarantees the system’s perfect operation and a high profit of the investment, as the number of physical visits decreases.


Advantages of the KIRK Wireless Server 8000 system 

  1. Excellent voice quality   for clearer communication.
  2. Lower energy consumption   for a more ecological environment and lower costs.
  3. Open interface and MSF functions   for better internal communication.
  4. Hot plug   for an easy replacement of interface card while the system is still operating.
  5. General description and access to caller ID  (name and number) thanks to CLIP.
  6. Automatic cable measurement  for a simple installation.
  7. Module design with flexibility and scalability   to satisfy every user’s needs.

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