Electrotel Barcelona responsible for video surveillance in Badalona






The new building of city offices in Badalona, Barcelona, El Viver, opened in june 2007 in order to provide public workers and citizens with modern, functional and acessible facilities. It is a six-storey office building and two underground floors devoted to public parking with 220 spaces.

This new building brought about the concentration of Badalona’s main public services in one site. This way, the citizens can carry out formalities regarding funereal services, citizenship and coexistence, culture, consummer defense, education, sports, statistics, information, consumer arbitration board, environment, markets, census, general registry, social services, health, urban planning and public areas, among others.

With regard to the building’s video surveillance, the Badalona Council assigned the task to the company Electrotel Barcelona, who were responsible for installing all the IP cameras throughout El Viver.

The recording system has recently been replaced by a latest-generation solution, and Electrotel Barcelona is the company responsible for its maintenance.

If you approach the new offices on foot, you can spot the cameras installed covering the whole perimeter.

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