The advantages of IT leasing


What is IT leasing?


Technological renting, which can also be called technological equipment rental, is an affordable way to have at our disposal, whether we are companies or individuals, equipment to carry out our work. We have the ability to rent equipment applicable to any field related to science.


Having the possibility of renting our work tools can be a great help. This is due to the different situations that can arise throughout the life of a company, mainly; but also of an individual.

We now know the basics of how technology equipment rental works.


Let's learn a little more about this type of rental.


We must know that IT leasing can be beneficial, but it is not always advisable, so you should know when you can take advantage of its benefits and when not.


When would it be advisable to contract a technology leasing service?


Leasing services are usually beneficial in the short and medium term. The fact of having quality tools and equipment quickly and without paying their full cost can be very good for the company or individual who hires them economically. This is more beneficial when the equipment is more expensive.
We must take into account, therefore, that the renting or technological renting favors us when the payment of the installments is lower than the payment of the equipment and/or electronic devices.


Particularly we could say that this type of services are of great help when, for example, if we are starting a small business and we do not have the money to buy the equipment directly.


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Other aspects in favor


In addition to the economic improvements, IT leasing includes the maintenance of the leased equipment. If we buy the equipment, we would probably have to pay to perform maintenance periodically or when necessary, and if not, we would have to pay monthly fees, for example, to perform this function.

Similarly, a company may have workers who spend part of their time on minor maintenance of some machines. By making use of IT leasing they could invest this time in more important tasks.


Renting equipment allows you to have a better control of the expenses in a company since you do not have to worry about unexpected expenses related to the technology you use. It also gives you access to test the equipment without having to buy it directly and allows you to deduct VAT from the fixed monthly fee.


If we had a company with different equipment, to obtain the latest technological advances in the sector we would have to get rid of the equipment and, before, have bought the new one to replace it. This process is much more agile with technological leasing, which will always provide you with the latest advances, depending on what has been agreed in the lease, without having to worry about selling or buying them.


Another way to take advantage of equipment rental is to replace machines or other equipment that is undergoing maintenance and needs to be replaced temporarily. Similarly, we may be interested in using equipment sporadically, for individuals or companies, such as drones, tablets or computers.


With technological leasing we will not need to make an initial investment and the rent will not affect the company's debt ratio. This means that it will not appear on the company's balance sheet.


As a final advantage, we will be able to extend the IT leasing contract when we need it, thus being able to add new services or products and allowing continuous adaptation.


Facts to consider when deciding between purchase or rental


- The purchase represents a large initial investment that is profitable in the long term. We must, therefore, take into account the price of the equipment, how long we expect to use it and how much it may cost to rent it for the same or a similar length of time that we determine to be relevant.


- With technological leasing or equipment rental we can save on taxes since these rentals count as deductible expenses.


- Purchased equipment, particularly technology equipment, can depreciate in value in a short period of time. This means that the strategy of buying them with the intention of selling them at a later date can be worse than leasing, which offers the latest technology outright.


- IT leasing is usually done through a short to medium term contract (1-3 years). This may or may not be an improvement depending on the case.


- In addition to renting and purchase , we have the option of leasing. Leasing is a rental with an option to purchase at the end of the contract that does not include maintenance.


IT leasing: An option not to be overlooked


If we are thinking of using computers for our company or any type of technological equipment, we should consider renting them.


Through IT leasing, focusing especially on IT products or services, or technological leasing, encompassing any technological equipment or device, we can take advantage of great benefits. It seems that buying the necessary machinery for your company is a much less secure option at first and it is something that must be studied carefully.


In any case, and knowing that renting the equipment is the most reliable choice and the advantages are clear, find out more about the technological leasing services available from Electrotel..


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