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Networking Area



As an integrator of telecommunications solutions, the Networking area is one of the most important parts of our company, since telecommunications networks have become essential to understand service integration within the information society in which we live.



It is obvious the telecommunications industry cannot be conceived without the Internet. The expansion of the Net has brought about new services and it requires better connections.


At Electrotel we design, install and maintain your networks. And if yourcompany already has an engineering department, we cooperate to offer the product the best fits your needs.

Structured Network Cabling



Electrotel has a technical service with contrasted experience in cabling of all kinds of solutions, from electric to phone cabling, to CAT5, CAT5E, CAT6 or optical fibre cabling.

Additionally, in order to offer top quality service, we work with renowned top brands like Kerpen, Ackermann, Panduit or Hubbell.



For complete security, we test and verify the installation through scanner.


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