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What is virtualization?


When you virtualize you IT infrastructure on Vmware – the leading virtualization platform in the industry – your company will save costs, improve the availability of the applications and enjoy a more controlled environement thanks to the automation of the service levels.



In the world of IT systems, the term ‘virtualization’ refers to the capacity to abstract a system’s resources by means of a software layer. This way, we have a device or resources virtually, regardless of the hardware that supports it.

The virtualization of systems can occur on a device or resource, a coplete server, a storage device, a network, or even an operating system, where the resource is divided into one or more different running environments.

The idea to virtualize systems comes from the great evolution undergone by IT systems. Nowadays we can purchase powerful systems at reasonable prices. This way, we may have unused resources that can be utilized thanks to virtualization.

Main advantages of virtualization:


  • Quick scalability when adding or removing resources for the virtualized servers
  • Centralized management of virtualized resources
  • Error isolation
  • Dynamic balancing of resources between virtual machines
  • Optimal use of resources for each virtual machine
  • More efficient migration between virtual machines
  • Does not entail a loss of service
  • Lower cost thanks to better use of the hardware
  • Great capacity to clone and back-up systems
  • DPC (data process centre) management as a pool of resources or grouping of all the capacity of processing, memory, network and storage available in our infrastructure.

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