New SPF Diana production plant in Cervera

Electrotel Barcelona in charge of communications and audiovisuals at SPF Diana’s new offices.

The petfood company SPF Diana España has purchased land in Cervera, Lleida, to install a new plant in a plot sold to them by the Incasol and the Town Council.






The land has an area of 14,052.69 square metres and a selling price of €660,476.43, according to a Thursday report by the Institut Català del Sòl.

The INCASOL director, Damià Calvet, the Cervera mayor, Ramon Royes, and the SPF Diana España representative, David Coleón, have formalized the land transaction: the Incasol owned 84% and the Council the remaining 16%.

With regard to the communications, audiovisuals and videoconference, SPF Diana relies on Electrotel Barcelona.

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