Plantronics certifies Electrotel Barcelona as Partner Specialist in UC Solutions

Always online

In today’s always online world, Plantronics provides the tools for the perfect balance between your job and your personal life. The intelligent technology of our solutions allows you to be online anytime, anywhere.


The office is rarely a quiet, zen place to work. There are noise and distractions everywhere. Thanks to the technology of Plantronics’s audio solutions, you can screen your distractions and work productively, efficiently and happily.

Mobile worker

With a Plantronics headset, a morning trip can become the day’s most productive moment, the office can be anywhere, and private conversations can occur in public spaces.

Worker of customer service centres

At a customer interaction centre, there is much at stake in every call, as relationships are built that contribute to the company’s reputation. The superior sound quality and comfort of our headsets provide the workers of contact centres with the tools to offer outstanding service.


At Plantronics, we have always provided excellent communications solutions. Now we also add more value to communications with our new cloud-based software, designed to help IT departments to better control Plantronics devices and obtain valuable information for the companies.

Electrotel as a Specialist Partner

Plantronics acknowledges and congratulates Electrotel Barcelona with Unified Communications Sales Certificate (UC). This recognition allows Electrotel to offer and maintain Plantronics’s full UC solutions portfolio to their clients.

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