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Axis videosurveillance for Electra Molins

Electra Molins are a company specializing in the manufacture of backup generators and automatisms.


Founded in 1948, they have constantly invested in R+D to develop and improve their new products, which have made them the leading Spanish manufacturer in technology.



In their manufacture and storage units, Electra Molins had been victims of several robberies of materials. This situation led them to find both an internal and perimeter videosurveillance solution that would guarantee a high level of security and would act as a deterrent to prevent future robberies.


After Electrotel conducted the design and installation of a 20-IP-camera Axis IP Video system with a recording server, the client has achieved greater peace of mind at their premises with a more secure system to detect intruders.


Additionally, once videosurveillance was implemented, Electra Molins have improved considerably the control and monitoring of their storage materials, both locally and remotely.


Benefits for the client

  • Reduction of annual robberies.
  • Greater peace of mind at their premises on public holidays.
  • Better warehouse control for loading and unloading materials

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