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Barcelona’s metropolitan environmental agency EMSSA has put their trust in Electrotel’s IP solution for their communications.

Empresa Metropolitana de Sanejament, S.A. (EMSSA – EDAR Besòs) manages the wastewater sanitation public service in the Barcelona metropolitan area.


Problems to be solved


EDAR Besòs had an obsolete switchboard. In short intervals, the client suffered several breakdowns that brought about the search for a new, more reliable solution.
The client was also working with a KIRK 1500 wireless system, and the new solution had to work with this system, and it had to be ready to be integrated with Polycom’s IP system in the future, when the KIRK 1500 becomes obsolete.


The solution was clear, an SIP SERVER. Implementing the GalaXip Server has been the ideal solution to carry out this migration.

We could guarantee a change of technology and integrate the KIRK 1500 system. Additionally, since they already had an SIP SERVER, in the future the client will have the necessary platform to install Polycom’s DECT/IP system.

Benefits for the client:

  • Reliability of the new platform.
  • Implementing a KIRK 1500 system and the possibility to integrate with new DECT/IP system in the future.
  • Migration to IP technology.
  • Unified messaging solution: integrated voicemail in terminal and Outlook and fax server.

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