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Mediapro chooses AXIS solution for their audiovisual production centres

Parkmedia Audiovisual replace their old inherited analogical CCTV system by Axis-based IP video.


MediaPro is a communications group offering services in advertising, cinema, television and telematic channels.


Project context

In 2005, the company purchased the Media Park facilities in Sant Just Desvern, one of the most important audiovisual parks in southern Europe. This centre featured an analogical closed-circuit television system which, very basically, helped security guards control the perimeter of the facilities.


A large number of people have access to the Media Park premises. In addition to the company staff, there are external workers for assembling and disassembling sets, occasionally there are audiences for show recordings, etc. Therefore the need to have the control of the facilities is essential for the Department of Security, as the risks are higher when many people have temporary access to the premises.


Implementation of Video IP system

ElectroTel were contacted, and they acted as an integrator of the solution. Given that the Media Park facilities have an Local Area Network infrastructure, they considered the use of video IP cameras would be ideal. The MediaPro Director of Security and the integrator defined the different locations and models of the cameras suitable for each of them. The installation features a total of 18 Axis cameras.


Since the installation, there have been no noteworthy incidents and they are highly satisfied with the system installed.

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