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Grupo Pacífico specializes in organizing and managing congresses, events and meetings, and they are undertaking a deep modernization of their communications – with Avaya and Electrotel –, as a key element for their customer service strategy.


This company – dedicated mostly to organizing events, meetings and congresses, but also to other services like communication consulting, technical support, special events and travel – contacted our partner Electrotel to search for a solution that would allow  them to modernize their old Ericsson PBX.


“Our system was too old now, with few features, which meant high monthly costs in telephony due to costly maintenance and calls between branches,” recounts Marc Tello, Grupo Pacífico’s IT Manager.


The company has 5 branches, located in Madrid, Barcelona (2), Seville and Zaragoza, and thanks to the project conducted by Electrotel, they have been unified through Avaya’s IP Office 500 V2 solution, with a total of 200 extensions, thus granting costless calls between branches.


“We offer our clients an integral service in managing their projects and, therefore, the trust they need; and for that reason we also wanted to have a technical equipment to match our service. As a brand, Avaya offered the warranties we needed,” explains Tello.


While replacing the old PBXs, we also implemented VoIP, a project currently under development. Many of the small branches are migrating from conventional PBXs to IP telephones, which allowed the client to unify certain branches and thus reduce maintenance costs for the whole structure. Seville was the latest to make the change.


The process of change was barely perceptible in the company’s everyday activity, as it was uninterrupted at all times. The chosen terminals were the 9600 series, with a highly intuitive interface that made the transition even easier for the workers.


Among the added advantages of the new system Avaya IP Office, we find the “receptionist” feature, a specific software for better call handling. “It makes it easier for us to forward each call to the proper person, even if that person is in a different location. It also helps us when answering calls, thus ensuring that all our clients are attended.”




  • Renewing an obsolete system.
  • Unifying geographically dispersed branches.




  • Saving in telephony costs.
  • Improved telephone attention through specific software for operators.
  • Integrating the different branches into one system.

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