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Standard Hidráulica find an answer to their need of growth

The Standard Hidráulica company, founded in 1975, have recently renovated their communications infrastructure with Avaya IP Office
Standard Hidráulica, one of the main manufacturers of valve systems worldwide, have decided it is time to take a quantum leap in communications and leave behind their old analogical Neris 64 switchboard. “We had an old switchboard that prevented us from making the most of the latest technology, and on top of that, we had a high cost in phone calls, so we knew it was time for a change,” says Albert Tárraga, the company’s TIC responsible.


After comparing different brands and solutions on the market, they opted for the project presented by our partner Electrotel. “It was in Avaya that we actually saw a remarkable difference. Not only because it allowed us to replace an obsolete technology, but because it allowed us to grow in applications, improve connectivity, and make the most of the versatility this solution offers,” he added.


In addition to IP Office’s features and functionalities, Tárraga notes the brand’s value. “When you see the main banking and insurance companies, offices, etc., they all work with Avaya, that gives you the confidence and security when it’s time to change.”


Main advantages


The TIC team summarize the advantages IP Office has brought to their branches in Montcada i Reixac, Barcelona, and they highlight its main aspects:


    • Cost saving. Still not having assessed the system globally, they’re already seeing cost savings around 30-35% only in fixed telephony. “We have stopped paying for unnecessary maintenance, ISDNs that we’re going to cancel… and that’s not even mentioning the savings in call billing. Electrotel’s advice was actually key in this matter.”


    • Mobility. Another important advantage is the possibility to have an extension in any device (BYOD). “In this aspect, change is being progressive. The workers themselves are going from using the terminal to using the PC software when they see it’s much easier and quicker.”


    • Avaya IP Office receptionist is a solution that provides efficient, professional call management – answering, patching, putting on hold, setting a conference call, seeing if someone is available to patch a call, etc. – through a very intuitive interface.


    • Automatically programming the configuration of timetables and calendars to receive clients.
      In addition, they will have detailed reports that will make it easier for them to make decisions with contrasted data. At the moment, for example, they didn’t know their call volume or tipology.



Expectacions exceeded


Tárraga acknowledges that, although he was sure of the Avaya choice, the results so far are exceeding their initial expectations. “Even Avaya’s DECT phone system has improved the coverage we had.”


“We’ve already left behind the early start-up stage. Now we’re getting the users to feel comfortable and the next step will be to keep growing with Avaya.”


Before the year’s end they are planning to integrate the IP Office system with their CRM to unify all their data and thus offer integral client service.


Standard Hidráulica has additionally decided to contract maintenance with Electrotel because “it is always positive to have the support of a leading partner who knows the business and works with us hand in hand, as does Electrotel.”

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