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IP solution for Tick Tack Ticket’s Call Center

Electrotel’s IP solution, based on an SIP server, has been chosen to implement the IT infrastructure of the Tick Tack Ticket Call Center.


Ticketmaster is the leading ticket-selling company worldwide, they operate in over 20 global markets. The company provides ticket sales, promotion and distribution through ticketmaster.com, one of the most important e-commerce websites on the Internet: around 6,700 shops make up the Ticketmaster network and 21 customer service centres the world over.


In late 2009, Ticketmaster España started to consider the possibility of improving their customer service by updating their call center platform. All their offices had a NORTEL Meridian proprietary telephony solution.


NORTEL suggested an upgrade solution with their Call Server 1000 platform which involved a high cost in licenses.


At that moment, Electrotel recommended their Asterisk-based free-code solution, and they performed a demonstration for the client at their headquarters where they showed all the features the solution could offer and the low cost it involved.

The high-standing technical features and the low cost it implied made Electrotel’s choice the right one.


As of today, Ticketmaster are still expanding their branches with Electrotel without growth or flexibility issues in their communications.

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