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The TRANSCOMA Group chooses AVAYA to restructure and unify all their communications

The Transcoma Group, one of the strongest, most solid holdings in national and international trade, are carrying out a deep restructuring of their communications – with Avaya and Electrotel – as a key for their strategy to establish themselves internationally.

The first contact between Transcoma – a company mainly devoted to maritime, customs, forwarding and logistic services – and Electrotel took place a few years ago because of their dissatisfaction over a switchboard in their Barcelona branch.
That would be the start of a relationship that would lead to an ongoing global project to unify their communications.


“We were looking for a partner to whom we could entrust the update of our obsolete switchboard. We were unhappy with the service we were receiving at the moment and with the high costs. After much comparing, we opted for Electrotel because they conveyed professionality from our first contact.”


“Their counsel was essential to carry out the whole restructuring process, as we were aware that communciations are at the heart of our strategy,” says Giles Antonio, Director of Organization and Systems.


The renovation of switchboards didn’t only take place in the Barcelona branch, but also in Barajas, Coslada and Valencia. That way, the 26 branches Transcoma has throughout Spain, Europe and Northern Africa will be progressively updated with over 400 extensions (250 extensions approximately already belong to Avaya).


“The main goal of our organization is to offer our clients integral logistics solutions that help them develop their commercial relationships both nationally and internationally,” says Giles Antonio, “and to achieve that, we needed to modernize our telephony, replacing switchboards with few functionalities by Avaya IP Office v.8.1.”



  • High maintenance cost of the switchboards in the different branches
  • Need for unified communications
  • Future expansions



  • VoIP technology
  • Switchboard multifunctionality
  • Simple, intuitive operation

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