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Access control

Access control systems allow you to control or restrict access to your company’s facilities or to specific areas. At the same time, the system will always offer you up-to-date information on the traffic of persons or vehicles and it will allow you to save it automatically.


Access control systems have become much more sophisticated and now do much more than just control who walks in or out. They have therefore become an essential security system for your company, as they can be integrated into video-surveillance, anti-robbery and other systems.

Presence control

Presence control systems provide very valuable information to companies on their workers’ schedules and absenteeism.


These systems allow you to export all your staff-related data and thus become an essential element for an optimal planning of human resources and efficient staff management.



  •  It improves the security of persons and facilities.
  •  Locating and controlling the traffic of persons or vehicles.
  •  It increases your company’s productivity and efficiency.
  •  Automation of human resources planning.

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