sistemas de gestion para telefonia call

Telephone management systems Avaya Call Reporting

sistemas de gestion para telefonia call


Despite all the latest technological innovations, phone systems are still an essential means of communication for companies in all industries. Therefore, good maintenance is key to its proper functioning.

Phone systems is evolving toward unified communication developed in compliance of open market standards with added value to merely generating calls.


What is Avaya Call Reporting?

Avaya Call Reporting helps you manage your phone system and business with ease and confidence. Cradle to grave call reporting and tracking is presented through over 50 standard reports. Recording Library provides easy access to recordings within the same reporting interface via IP Office Voicemail Pro integration. Realtime agent seat and Agent Dashboards enhance IP Office hunt groups and deliver visual call management with wallboards and customized agent dashboard displays.


Making it easy to understand what happens with every call.

Standard Reports


You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Avaya Call Reporting offers over 50 standard reports to create visibility and efficiency. Cradle to grave reporting can validate each inbound, outbound and internal call from start to finish.


Recording Library


Recording Library easily integrates with IPOffice Voicemail Pro and cradle to grave reporting. Recording Library enables you to evaluate your employees and listen to their specific calls. Customizable retention policies determine how long recordings are kept, and allow storage throughout your network.


Agent Dashboards


Agent Dashboards improve agent productivity and visibility through widgets and account /reason codes. Widgets allow agents to govern themselves and add value to their calls. Account codes enable entry of more information about calls, while reason codes enable agents to notify supervisors of their status. Agent Dashboards also easily integrate into URL based CRM’s such as Salesforce.




Realtime enables you to manage your employees in the moment. You can see how many calls are being taken, on hold or missed, along with in progress agent, group or extension calls with wallboards displaying current statistics. Wallboards are easy to implement with pre-built templates and can be customized, including setting alerts and trigger thresholds.


Custom Reports

With Custom Reports you can create original reports and edit or customize existing reports. Reports can be defined by you, making Avaya Call Reporting fit into your business without having to adjust your daily routines. Reports can be tailored and branded to fit your unique business requirements.


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The current telephony is, without a doubt, a technology that has adapted perfectly to the new communication standards to add value to the business environment.


If you want to optimize the management of your telephone networks exponentially, do not hesitate to contact us. Thanks to the infinite possibilities of Avaya Call Reporting we facilitate the understanding of what happens in each call.


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