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Economic Flexibility

Whether you work in a multinational corporation, a medium enterprise or a public agency, you know it’s essential to have an efficient IT infrastructure.
Considering the high costs, the ever-growing size of the networks, the strict security requirements and the regular software updates, the only way to stay in the game is to constantly invest in new technologies.


Innovation cycles in IT are shorter and shorter, which makes financing investments in IT a constant concern for companies. The solution to this problem is Technology Leasing. At Electrotel we work with several financial institutions to offer our clients complete solutions for their investment.
Evolution Leasing
Leasing allows us to use the goods with no down payments. Our technology investment is accounted as an expense, and it’d deductible from the corporate tax or personal income tax. Technology Leasing allows us to be up to date and be competent within the current market.

Important advantages


  1. Technology leasing keeps you up to date.


  1. Invest in technology without debts or capital.
    Technology leasing allows you to purchase new technologies without going into debt or using capital at the moment of investment. You buy the equipment and only pay the agreed rental payments.


  1. More flexibility.
    Current technology leasing gives you the necessary flexibility to adjust your IT infrastructure at any moment, regardless of whether you need hardware, software or IT services.


  1. Complete freedom to choose the equipment of your choosing regardless from the brand.


  1. More predictable, transparent costs.
    The fee is agreed at the beginning and it doesn’t change even though the interest rates go up in the stock market, which avoids unpleasant surprises and offers you a solid basis to prepare your budgets.


  1. Leasing strengthens your balance sheet.
    The leased equipment does not appear in your balance sheet, which helps improve your capital ration.


  1. Increased liquidity.
    Tax repercussions. Lease payments are considered operating expenses, which makes them fully deductible.

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