The best market in the world, La Boqueria, implements ZyXEL’s WiFi solutions

American news channel CNN rates La Boqueria as the best market in the world. On a ranking comprising a few markets from around the world, from the Tokyo fish market to New York’s Union Square market, the Barcelona market rates best.

Regarding La Boqueria, CNN highlights their fresh product quality, and the cuisine of the market’s restaurateurs. They also point out the location of the market in one of the most fascinating buildings.


To equip all the market’s stalls with WiFi, the La Boqueria Association contacted several local companies to design and implement a fully wireless solution.

Electrotel Barcelona was one of the companies responsible for such tasks, as they conducted the WiFi installation with ZyXEL WLAN Controller solutions.

The Sant Josep market, popularly known as La Boqueria, is a municipal market in Barcelona’s La Rambla. Besides being a place where you can buy all kinds of fresh products, it’s also a tourist attraction.

In an area of 2,583 sq m, over 300 stalls offer a wide range of local and exotic products both to individual buyers and local restaurateurs.

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